2013 Ghillie Suits for Halloween

If you are looking for a ghillie suit for Halloween we have our top 3 ghillie suits for Halloween.  What makes a ghillie suit good for Halloween vs. hunting?

Well, wearing a ghillie suit for Halloween is very different than wearing one for hunting. It should be comfortable because you will be wearing it for a few hours.  It should not be hot or too thick because you do not want to heat it while in it.  But most of all, it must look good!!

3) TheNight Ops Warrior Ghillie Suit is a great Halloween ghillie suit.  This all black color is very popular for use as a costume.  It has a soft inner liner and separate detached hood.  At just under $90, it is good value in both ghillie suits and Halloween costumes.

If black is not your thing, the Warrior Ghillie Suit also comes in many other colors.

2) If you really want to stand out, how about the Jackal Ghillie Suit?  Most people have never seen a suit like this.  It is made from camo netting and nylon strips and is very comfortable.  It’s a little more pricey for a costume but many people have used it as a based to build their own custom creatures from it.  This ghillie suit was used to make the predator costume you see in the photo below.


1) The Ghost Ghillie Suit is our top ghillie suit for Halloween.  It has a soft inner liner making it very comfortable also.  But most of all it has alot of material which will make you stand out, literally from the others.  You can crouch on the floor and be mistaken for a bush when wearing this ghillie suit. This ghillie suit comes in kids and teenager sizes too!

Finally, the low price of this ghillie suit at $90 is puts it clearly at #1.

How Do I Get My Ghillie Thread to Not Bunch Up and Snag on Everything?

One of the most common complaints about ghillie suits is that twigs, leaves and stickers get stuck in them.  Once this happens, the threads bunch up together into a huge ball and they are almost impossible to pull apart.  If you do manage to pull them apart, it causes the threads to shred up and fray.  Unfortunately, with the new generation of synthetic ghillie suits, this is a normal occurrence.  Nature’s twigs, leaves, thorns and burrs are a massive army of hooks just waiting for materials like the synthetic thread to come by.  The latch onto the threads like Velcro and don’t let go.

So how do we resolve this?  Well the truth is that the synthetic thread will latch onto almost anything outdoors.  What we can do is minimize the contact between the thread and nature. The less parts of your ghillie suit that come in contact with nature, the better.  The first and foremost obvious solution is to avoid areas that are densely populated with foliage, brush and branches.  Go around them, if possible.  Secondly, you don’t have to put on the ghillie suit right away.  You can hike through the woods until you are almost at your destination and then put on your ghillie suit.

Ok, that’s all good and well, but what can I actually do to the ghillie suit to make it snag less?

You can also minimize your thread.  Commercial ghillie suits comes with a lot of thread material.  Many people seem to think that a great ghillie suit is one that is super bushy and full of thread.  But if you look at photos of the US Marine Corp snipers, you’ll see that their ghillie suits have minimal strands of thread.

So, look at your ghillie suit and determine if you really need all that thread.  Do you need the pants?  Does your front area need thread?  If you do need the pants, then we recommend removing the thread from the knee down.  In most cases you will not need the ghillie threads to cover up your shoes or shins.  The vegetation at ground level should already do this for you.  There is no reason for any of the ghillie thread to be dragging on the ground as you walk.


Alternative Ghillie Suits

There are different types of ghillie suits that will not pickup debris as much as the standard synthetic ghillie suit.  Going back to the old school jute ghillie suit will be a slight improvement as the jute thread does not catch or bunch up as much as the synthetic threads.  We still recommend cutting the threads below the knees even if you go with jute.


The Jackal Ghillie Suit by Camosystems is a great alternative.  It’s 3D material is made from camo netting and flat nylon strips rather than synthetic threads.  This material does not pick up twigs, thorns and stickers.  You still need to be careful going through thick brush with it as the camo netting portions can get snagged.  But overall the Jackal ghillie suit can remain looking like new even after a day in the field.

jackal ghillie suit woodland2 ca

A 3D leaf suit is another great alternative.  Its material is sewn fairly tight to the suit so that you can move through tight spaces without snagging.  The Treeland 3D Leaf Suit or the Chameleon Ghillie Suit are great examples of these new generation of leafy suits.

treeland 3d leafy suit greenchameleon_ghillie_suit_moss